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Billy Arjan Singh passed away on January 1, 2010 at Tiger Haven. He lived a full life of 93 years. He will always be remembered by all wildlife lovers across the globe. May his soul rest in peace....

Billy Arjan Singh is now 90. But most of those years have been spent leading a tough and outdoors life, so it is no wonder that he is still a force to reckon with. He may be touched with a bit of frailty, and his voice might crack up now and then, but when you meet him, you will find his handshake rock-firm. He is still the master of all he surveys around Tiger Haven and Dudhwa, as he was during younger and happier times when his panthers and tigers co-habited his farm as dominant residents.

More recently, Billy has been accused of having unauthorized possession of UP Forest Department land in Tiger Haven. I spoke to Billy about a clarification on this issue. He gave me a copy of the letter he has sent to the Indian Express - the paper that carried a report on his 'land-grabbing'. It can be read by clicking here.

The merits of the case will be decided on the basis of land revenue records, but what is most heart-rending is the fact that Billy has been made to undergo the mental stress of this accusation when he is 90 years of age - a time when he should have been allowed to rest peacefully on the laurels of all his achievements. And the great man is now all alone. His closest relative - his brother Balram - has passed away, and so has Balram's wife Mira.

For those who love & respect him, that should be the theme of letters of indignation to be sent to the powers-that-be, asking that this case be dealt with rationale and reason, with minimal stress to Billy. I'd welcome readers to email suggestions on how best to channelize their collective support to Billy.

- Aqeel Farooqi
Jan, 2008





This webpage was developed during Billy Arjan Singh's lifetime, as his link to the cyberworld. Although he never took up the use of Internet, his contemporaries and admirers did use it to establish real time contact with him through emails.

With Billy's passing away, its contents are but archives & memorials ....

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